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Life Changers Help is a  non-profit organization. We provide global humanitarian aid worldwide to hurting people and  teach them how to maximize their potential and enjoy life by applying life building, intercultural, musical skills and successful principles in all they do.

LifeChangersHelp Foundation over the years has been leading and providing help within the local, national and international community, providing simple practical life-changing initiatives such as: social work, food and clothing, cultural and musical skills,  helping needy children and adults find hope and meaning to life.

As agents of transformation and change LifeChangersHelp Foundation does its humanitarian work with communities,  orphanages, integration centers, teaching  life skills, coaching, training and helping children, young people and adults worldwide . 

LifeChangersHelp Foundation worked sometimes in very difficult situations and circumstances  as they endeavor to work with more humanitarian centers and orphanages and strengthen new initiatives and organizations that work with children and youth worldwide.

LifeChangersHelp Foundation works worldwide through International organizations and missions with life skills and moral training, social help, peace-building conferences, musical concerts, talk shows, cultural events and development projects for children, young people and adults.

Presently LifeChangershelp Foundation is officially registered in The Netherlands as a known Foundation with a KVK number since 2017.

Life Changers Help has an ongoing passion for seeing the poor and needy people excel in every area of their lives worldwide and we also address the causes of poverty by focusing on community needs such as education, health, life skills training, food and clothing, musical programs, and holistic programs aimed at providing better life for everyone.

The objectives of the Foundation are:

  • Launching a series of activities to will successfully fund the expanding program
  • Establishing an effective program to improve understanding and socio-economic and cultural developments
  • Establishing an effective monitoring system to offer further help for the well-being and mental health of children, youth and adults
  • Creating awareness in the community, institutions and donors to support and contribute to the foundation
  • To found and maintain orphanages
  • To give and to support others in giving education
  • To start up food and educational help programs
  • To offer medical assistance
  • To organize seminars, concerts, talk shows, readings and meetings
  • To produce music through concerts, recordings and spread ICT media.




PRESIDENT/ FOUNDER AND  DIRECTOR OF DDI Medical Consultant/ Music director/ Entrepreneur/Singer and Song writer/ Motivational speaker.

Nelly M. Saah


Janke Hanse Lindenburg

Treasurer / Director of Women and children projects

Rose Antoinette Billia

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